Project Management

Everything under control

Project management consists of coordinating, organizing and monitoring the progress of the project. Ongoing monitoring and analysis of project risks generates a true feeling of security.

Interdisciplinary coordination

Especially when multiple partners and disciplines are involved in implementing a system, your project managers and commercial decision-makers have additional responsibilities – in-house project work, coordination between various companies and authorities. With our support, your staff members are free to concentrate on their main tasks. This creates a positive atmosphere that benefits all those involved and helps them to achieve their common goal: a fully functioning system. We regularly monitor progress, draw up detailed organizational, schedule and payment plans, collect feedback for the suppliers and streamline change management. We keep you informed of the current status at all times.

Comprehensive risk management

A successful project consists of more than technology and functionality. It is also critically important to identify, assess and eliminate potential obstacles and sources of error. What are the effects of deploying a new system platform? Do the results of the supplier’s lab tests conducted ahead of the project match the company’s offer and references? How will suggested modifications affect the realization phase? To minimize risks, we practice risk management throughout all project phases. We ask key questions, explain consequences and help you reach the right decisions on far-reaching issues.