Reaching your goal step by step

Making the right decision in each phase ensures that you will reach your goal. The decision has been made: a call for tenders is to be issued for your new IT system. Now the task is to find not only the best solution in terms of technology, but also the most profes-sional and financially convincing supplier. And of course the process of tendering and award-ing a contract must fulfill the legal requirements.

The vision and the details

We’ll find the right system provider for you.

Detailed planning

Now is the time for a precise description of your requirements. What conditions must be fulfilled, which functions are essential, which existing systems must be integrated and which interfaces must be served? In a detailed concept, we combine your ideas with the answers to these questions. This calls for detailed knowledge without losing sight of the big picture.

Purchasing planning

We plan your purchasing by compiling a detailed list that covers all functions and components of your new IT system. We help you develop an unambiguous description of your specifications: a project description that gives possible system providers a clear picture of what is important to you, yet leaves scope for innovative solutions.

Budget-oriented cost optimization

Modern IT systems are complex, comprising many individual components. Through our work on diverse projects, we know the market and the prices. This knowledge pays off for you in two ways: we can ensure that your contract specifications are airtight and include all relevant components. And we make sure the total costs fit your budget.


As soon as the offers have been received, we start evaluating them. Together we have agreed the technical and financial evaluation process in advance.

Awarding contracts

On your behalf, we identify the offer with the best cost/benefit ratio and help you to reach a final decision. At the same time, we take care of the legal formalities: duties of information, objection periods, letters of acceptance or rejection. After contract finalization, you are one big step closer to system implementation.