Complexity meets expertise

Let’s be honest, mobility management projects can be complex, time-consuming and costly. The good news: with the right partner mobility management projects can be clearly structured and reliably planned. BLIC, ISO 9001:2015 certified, will be there to support you the whole way, no matter how many subprojects need to be set up, coordinated, and controlled.

Your IT consultants for mobility management

We specialize in IT solutions for public transportation and individual mobility as well as inter-modality concepts. You tell us which of our services – consulting, procurement, system implementation, project management, operational support or research – you need and we will make sure your project stays on track and on budget.

Success based on knowledge and vision

Working with us means understanding Mobility Management as a process rather than a project. To keep up with transportation’s changing demands and technological developments, you have to keep moving. BLIC knows what is on the cutting-edge and what is feasible for you. Take advantage of our knowledge, and let us help you get started on the road to success.