Traffic system management and parking systems

Traffic flows in modern cities are highly complex. Accordingly, the management of traffic is not an easy task. In order to make effective and meaningful decisions for the entire system, the networking of the individual traffic control systems is essential. BLIC has this extensive experience and expertise.

For identification and control of both the public and private transport many different systems are used. The data obtained should be used as effectively as possible. The aim is an integrated approach of the transport system that allows coordinated local and network-wide decisions.

The merging of the systems is a technical and organizational challenge. It’s always about interfaces and communication. With the higher system integration increases the technical complexity and the growing number of stakeholders. Keeping track requires experience and expertise as project managers, both in the technical as well as in economic and organizational aspects of the transport sector. Properties we could demonstrate in numerous projects and evolve constantly.

Technical focuses of our consultancy are:

  • System integration and system architecture
  • Communications and Information Technology
  • Cooperative Traffic Management Systems
  • Traffic light control / public transport acceleration
  • Mobility pricing / parking space management

Our planning is based on national and international standardization of data, interfaces and ITS architecture both in classical as well as the cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems.