Services and mobility platforms

Multimodality has evolved as a keyword in the industry. Many experts see the future in the meaningful crosslinking among the various mobility services. For the realization of multimodal mobility portals fullest possible information must be available to mobility options in the region under consideration and are so united that a routing can be carried out. Passengers also appreciate a booking and payment function.

Prerequisite for satisfying people’s mobility needs with combined multiple transportation, is that they have the appropriate information: What goes where and when, where can I possibly borrow a means of transport (bike or car, possibly electric), my options to get from A to B? They can get this information on the mobility portals representing various mobility services and perform route calculations involving all offers.

The demand for mobility information provided is often then concretely, if one is already en route. It is therefore essential to provide the appropriate information also by app. Thus intuitive operation and to find the desired information quickly are important. Additional benefit results for the customer if he can book and pay mobility services directly via app.

In excess of the information of mobility opportunities in terms of passenger transport, there are a variety of other services that may be relevant for individual mobility. These include, for example, parking search services and information on charging facilities for electric cars. Thanks to various projects, we can offer our customers to be at your side in the design and implementation of mobility portals and related services landscape in word and deed.