Operation and organization

The progressive networking of systems in the transport sector and the associated integration of an increasing number of participants create new challenges in terms of planning and the subsequent ensuring of an advantageous operation for all sides of these systems.

It is the more important to have in advance a clear vision of the future operation and the amount of the costs relating thereto and possibly also income for everyone involved, thus creating win-win situations. Our operational concepts also serve this purpose and will enable early detection of potentials and challenges of the future operation, and can prepare accordingly.

The conversion of complex traffic management solutions into operations makes an integration into the administrative, organizational and decision-making structures of the participating institutions required. For this purpose, all processes involved should be recognized, to find out or define responsibility within these and to define clear interfaces for information and communication flows.

Within the scope of projects of implementation and research, we brought our experience and expertise and allowed our customers as smooth as possible integration of new systems into existing or new organizational structures.