Navigation and localization

In addition to traditional on-vehicle navigation systems smartphone-based navigation solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the transport sector. Firstly the smartphone provides the possibility to navigate across means of transport without any additional hardware. Secondly, it usually is already available, so that for most GNSS-based standard solutions in addition to the required server-side capacities no hardware cost incur to the user.

By incorporating further, in today’s smartphones existing transmission standards (WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, etc.) and sensors (camera, inertial sensors, etc.), the location accuracy in particular with indoor environments where GNSS is limited or not available, improves or is made possible.

Through the development of appropriate apps, diverse on traffic applications can be implemented. From multimodal navigation apps in the field of e-mobility to accessible navigation solutions for guiding visually impaired people on footpaths and in public transport, we have gained experience in the areas of navigation and localization in numerous projects and set up appropriate expertise.