System Implementation

Keeping control

The contract has been finalized. Your system provider has submitted the technical specifications and promised professional realization. You are confident that everything will run smoothly and look forward to launching the project.

Checking the technical specifications

We’re pleased too, that your new system can begin to take shape. This is why we thoroughly examine the technical specifications for a second time. And for good reason: while calls for tenders normally cannot specify which products and manufacturers are to be used, your system provider has now completed the technical specifications which precisely list each and every component and function in the new system. We check that the technical specifications match the tender requirements and ensure that the technical specifications are complete in themselves.

Factory acceptance test

Risks can never be completely eliminated, but only minimized. This is why the IT system should always be tested while still on the system provider’s premises. We support you during the factory acceptance test (FAT) process and check that the system is mature and ready for implementation.

Functional testing/commissioning

As soon as the new IT system has been installed, it must be tested under everyday conditions before it goes into production. Otherwise, you risk costly breakdowns and/or loss of business. During functional testing, you can count on our support: step-by-step, we carefully monitor the system start-up and all its reactions. We manage the testing process and document the results. On successful completion of functional testing, you approve the system for productive use.


Errors are often hidden in the smallest details, and surface only in day-to-day operation. This is why the final decision on whether a new IT system fulfils all the requirements can only be made after a trial period. We support you in making this critical decision correctly.


Once the new IT system has been accepted or an agreed interim stage of the implementa-tion phase has been reached, you will receive an invoice from your system provider. We check all invoices and ensure that you maintain an overview of all transactions.