Research Projects

Joint Research Project ‘Electro Mobility Lower Saxony’

Development of multimodal mobility services including travel information and information about charging stations, charge&ride and park&ride facilities and options.

Joint Research Project m4guide

Development of a personalized end-to-end trip information and guidance system for blind and visually impaired people offering independence for indoor and outdoor mobility as well as usage of public transport.

Joint Research Project ‘Green Mobility Chain Central Germany’

Project management of the research project ‘Green mobility chain‘, coordination of workgroups for Mobility Information (planning, booking, traveling and billing of a trip all in one app), business case development for electro mobility , housing and photovoltaic applications.

Joint Research Project AMPER – Individual Interchange Management

Design and development of an automated system for management of individual interchange requests, booking by smartphone app or verbally at the driver.

Application Handbook for CEN-NeTEx Standard

Heading of a VDV workgroup targeting on the development of a NeTEx application handbook for VDV members.