Real Time Ferries (RTF) − sharing real time information for ferries in the Baltic Sea Region to facilitate passenger and goods transport.

Together with the Transport Association VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg GmbH ( and further RTF-project partners, BLIC designs and implements the new RTF platform in the Baltic Sea region so that ferries can be connected to the hinterland – public transport and logistics companies – in real time.


Ferries play a significant role in the Business Sea Region in both goods and passenger transport. To make ferry transports a more competitive alternative interoperability between ferry and land transport is crucial. Up to date information at all times is vital to make the entire transport chain as well as intermodal traffic flows work efficiently.

BLIC supports the VBB in the Interreg project RTF – Real Time Ferries with the conception and realization of the RTF platform. This platform will become the heart of the new IT system architecture of the Baltic Sea region by providing the functions management of timetable data as well as real time data together with real-time information provision. The entire data exchange is based exclusively on the European standard NeTEx, SIRI and OJP.

Real Time Ferries – making ferries visable ( Published: September 19, 2019 )

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