Real-time passenger information

Printed timetables are out of date

Passengers today expect exact information regarding the timings of busses, whether the transfer connection is achieved and – when things are going badly – why delays or cancellations occur.

Much of this information are available automatically whith an operation control and monitoring system.

With dynamic display systems at stops, monitors in the vehicles, real-time information systems on the Internet and apps for smartphones this personal information can be displayed to the passenger or provided for customized access.

This requires careful planning of the relevant passenger information systems, their data flows, data supply and data management. External systems must be integrated via standardized interfaces and last but not least a representation corresponding to the needs and expectations of passengers has to be developed.

We develop together with you an integrated information plan for your passengers with

  • Summary displays for central stops and bus stations
  • Passenger information displays
  • Information monitors in vehicles
  • Internet information platforms
  • Apps for individual information while driving

We will assist you in choosing the most appropriate technologies, the procurement and installation of appropriate indicator systems and ensurance of proper data supply.