Operational control and planning systems

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CAD/AVL systems today are the central IT system of many transport companies for controlling the operation, its real-time monitoring and passenger information.

Their functionality and complexity will vary widely depending on the size of the transport company and its requirements.

While an AVL system substantially fully automatically retrieves information about the current location of each vehicle in order to derive a real-time information for passengers, a complex ITCS enables an active role in influencing the operation by planning measures such as turning instructions, restraints etc. either fully automatically or interactively prompted and supported by the dispatchers.

Designed as a multi-tenant system, an ITCS can process data from multiple carriers or even multiple operating modes of a company, for example Tram and bus operation. These are protected independently and safely against false insights.

We advise transport companies and associations in the design, procurement and deployment of these RBL systems since many years.

With our support more than 200 systems from small AVL (mainly for rural areas) up to control systems for companies in major cities, with more than one thousand cars and buses controlled by 20 control center workstations every day that carry more than 1 million passengers every day in companies and associations at home and abroad have successfully been installed.

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