Electronic fare collection

Money isn’t everything, but without everything is naught

With shrinking public budgets and increasing competition, the direct revenue of a transport company’s gain is a growing struggle to cover the total cost. Hence the ticket sales and fare management receives a growing importance for the sustainability of a company.

Therefore high, partly contradictory demands are placed on the sales and distribution systems, such as

  • they must provide the entire, complex tariff andrange of products, but make a very low usage threshold for the passenger
  • they should offer personal contacts for occasional users, but the driving operation must not be affected by a driver sales
  • they should allow modern cashless and mobile payment methods, but also ensure a payback of their high cost, for example for vending machines over a long service life

And last but not least the cost of the various distribution channels are to be considered in order to achieve a cost-effective ticket sales solution.

Regardless of whether you

  • upgrade a conventional distribution system and procure new ticket vending machines, pre- and driver sales systems or a sales background system,
  • can expand your distribution system through a new distribution channel, for example, introduce a web shop or integrate distribution through mobile devices,
  • or plan the introduction of an electronic ticketing system with automatic fare calculation and maximum customer convenience,

we accompany and advise you in all phases of the process from design and economic analysis concerning the procurement until the successful system implementation.