Communications systems

Information needs communication

If an operational control system is intended to reflect the current situation of the vehicles, it requires a secure data communication throughout the control area and short update cycles.

When a vehicle computer is to be supplied with new data, this is carried out via a data communication (possibly short-range communication) at high data rates.

If the driving personnel wants to contact the control center in exceptional circumstances, it requires a safe and uninterrupted voice communication.

In the past each transport company has operated his own, analogue radio network with different limitations in coverage, quality and data rate.

Today a variety of communication systems are available according to different standards (TETRA, Tetrapol, DMR, GSM / GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, WLAN, DSRC and more) with a very wide range of services available. They can either be implemented as enterprise systems (TETRA, Tetrapol, DMR, WLAN, DSRC) or constitute a public mobile communications network, which is operated by a provider and used by the transport company.

We analyze your requirements in detail and find together with you the optimum technical and economical solution for the different tasks. Based on this, we advise and support you in the procurement and launch of its own system or in the selection of a provider and the arrangements for an appropriate service contract.