New passenger information for S-Bahn Berlin

S-Bahn Berlin is installing modern passenger information

New ZugInfoMonitor (ZIM) devices in wide format will be installed in some 27 S-Bahn stations on the main trunk. Among the stations included in this pilot phase are "Bellevue", "Tiergarten", "Savignyplatz", "Jannowitzbrücke", "Tempelhof" and "Sonnenallee".

The optical passenger information is now displayed on a double-sided ZIM wide device (Master + Slave).

Each of these devices consists of a TFT display in wide format, which is mounted in a weatherproof housing. The format now allows the use of the ZIM devices in places where the use of the larger ZIM devices was previously not possible due to the low profile of the station roof.

By integrating a software interface into the application software of the displays, it was possible to supply data provisionally via the existing FIA server of the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH. Later a changeover to the IRIS+ backend is planned, which will give more possibilities in the design of the layouts and the data quality.

BLIC supports the DB Station & Service GmbH within the project "Passenger information of the future" in the conceptual design, tendering and procurement as well as in the implementation and acceptance phases. Supplier for the devices installed at the S-Bahn Berlin stations is the company Luminator Technology Group.

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