New VVS Infoscreen

The Verkehrsverbund Stuttgart and the city of Göppingen have started the trial operation of the first info point

After the successful acceptance of the hardware, the VVS Infostele on the station forecourt went into trial operation. The information point consists of a dynamic TFT departure display and a large touch-sensitive TFT info screen, where the stops of the local public transport system are displayed on an interactive map.

In addition to searching for public transport routes, the Infoscreen can be used to check the status of rental vehicles (bike/car sharing) in the vicinity. In other menus, information on POIs such as sights, restaurants and accommodation can be requested.

The Infosteles will considerably improve the information for tourists and locals.

The software of the infoscreens is being further developed in an agile process, so that additional functionalities will be activated successively. In the further course of time, further information points will be rolled out in the VVS service area.

BLIC supports the VVS in the conceptual design, tendering and procurement as well as in the implementation and acceptance phases. The supplier of the information pillars is EPSa GmbH.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact our project manager Mr. Tino Bratta at

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