New Realtime passenger information (RTPI) in the district of Gotha

Joint project TWSB-NVG-Landkreis to renew the RTPI-System/Displays

In a joint effort by Thüringerwaldbahn und Straßenbahn Gotha GmbH (TWSB), Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Gotha GmbH (NVG) and the district of Gotha, the realtime passenger information system will be gradually replaced by modern TFT displays at the stops. The systems also feature text-to-speech modules based on the 2-senses principle.

A framework agreement was concluded for this purpose with the winner of the Europe-wide tendering (LTG Ulm GmbH), from which the parties involved can gradually call up the DFI displays.

The first displays have now been installed in the TWSB area. The second phase of the installation will begin later this year, whereby this time combined bus/tram stops are also planned.

The technical challenge was that the TWSB streetcars and the NVG buses are integrated in different operations control systems. In addition, transport means such as railroads are fed via the data hub of Thuringia. The project is funded by the Free State of Thuringia.

New RTPI-Display at stop Reinhardsbrunn (picture source:TWSB)