BLIC Milestone achieved in Abu Dhabi

new automated payment system (Check-in / Check-out) with “Hafilat” smart cards

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi launched its new automated payment system (Check-in / Check-out) with “Hafilat” smart cards that are designed to pay public bus fares in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

BLIC Middle East is contracted by DoT for the Consulting Services such as Development of system concepts and specifications, Preparation of tender documents, Evaluation of ten-ders and Evaluation of system design, Support during system commissioning and Start Up support.

The new payment cards provide the feature of adding a certain balance and recharge it, in addition to the possibility of adding other services such as the weekly and monthly passes. These contactless cards operate by passing them over the fare collection devices installed at the bus entrances, providing a smooth and smart bus fare collection in fractions of a second, thus contributing to reduce the congestions while boarding or descending from the bus. The launch of “Hafilat” automated payment system, which will be implemented in phases in all public buses throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, aims to enable passengers to pay for their bus trips easily, quickly and safely.

“Hafilat” smart cards provide special facilities such as storing the monetary value electronical-ly in the T-Purse or using them as weekly or monthly subscriptions, or as a bus pass for tem-porary use. The new payment system ensures accuracy in deducting the bus trip fare based on the distance, and it provides a real-time data and statistics that can be used to improve the planning, analysis and development of processes and services. Through using this system, the Department of Transport hopes to raise the level of satisfaction among public bus users and encourage the passengers to commit themselves to paying the public bus fares.

It is noteworthy that “Hafilat” smart system includes plastic cards for permanent use and pa-per tickets for temporary use. The smart cards are categorized into anonymous cards and personalized cards that contain information about the passenger stored in the card chip and the DoT customer database. The personalized cards consist of student cards, senior citizens cards and cards for people with special needs. These cards enable users to add a certain product such as the T-Purse, the annual subscription for students or the weekly and monthly passes for the elderly and people with special needs. The latters will avail from free bus rides in the city and suburbs.

It should be noted also that the Department of Transport provides several automated and easy to use devices that feature English and Arabic in order to purchase tickets and cards, or recharge cards via cash or credit card payments. These devices include Ticket Office Ma-chines (TOMs) at the main bus stations, the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) distributed in the waiting areas at the main bus stations and shopping centers, and Swift Recharging Devic-es, in addition to the Intercity Driver Consoles.

Source: Public Relations & Communications Consultant Department of Transport Abu Dhabi