Traffic management and mobility

Satisfying the increasing demand for mobility and the management of thereby increasing especially multimodal transport requires increasingly networked solutions which increase the complexity of resulting systems generally. With mobility platforms the classic areas individual transport and public transport merge continually with each other through multimodal approaches

The progressive digitalization also allows the consideration of ever increasing amounts of data from different sources in other areas. Many formerly independent systems are increasingly being combined into single larger systems. Promising topics such as Car2x and autonomous driving are prime examples – it is, however, also for already established systems. Thus intelligent transport systems (ITS) use current data from different areas to add value. In current navigation and travel information systems the trend is moving away from single-mode solutions towards multimodality and from regional stand-alone solutions through to supra-regional approaches.

This consolidation increases the functionality of the resulting overall systems and the number of participating institutions and enterprises and thus usually also the cost of planning, implementation and operation of such a system as a whole. Keeping track requires experience and expertise, both in the technical as well as in the economic and organizational aspects of the transport sector properties, that we continue to evolve in numerous projects in the adjacent fields.