Welcome to BLIC                   

About Us

BLIC is  an independent company. We’re a team of engineers, communcation- and IT- experts, traffic planners and econonmists with years of practice. Working with us means that you’ll  get access to experts’ know-how and experience who are capable of implementiing their skills reliantly across various instances, diciplines and systems.

What can we do for you?

Our qualified team is prepared to reach the grand goal of developing the solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.

We’ll work to help you achieve your project goals with advice and suppor tin many forms. As consultants we develop concepts, as project managers and planners we implement.

Conclusion: We can join your projects early on and see them through to the very end.

If an IT-System is needed, we’re ready to develop an integrated and conclusive concept in close dialogue with our client.  We’ve got experience with the development of entirely new systems as well as additions to existing ones.

Regard traffic- and mobility concepts, we can provide consultng and engineering services. We compile studies, analysis and concepts for unique cases and ensure the completion of various project tasks from preliminary planning to rendering, procurement and implementation.

Anything developed according to our standards can meet the  demands of the modern mobile society. Today as well as tomorrow.

Where to find us?

Never too far away. We work close to our clients. Our Network of local offices enables us te be on site whereever and whenever we’re needed.

Future of Mobility